Prague: Pub Review: Čítárna Unijazz

Inexpensive Pub Steps from Wenceslas Square

Name: Unijazz ÄŒítárna
Location: JindÅ™išská 5, 110 00 Praha
English friendly: Yes
Web: (czech)
Hours: Every day 14:00-22:00
Tel: 222 240 901

Adjectives: smoky, wooden, comfy, relaxing, intellectual, jazzy, liberal, czech

Nouns: bookshelves, couches, crates of records, boardgames, a bird cage, an aquarium, long hair, smoke, leftist/alternative paraphernalia

A place to: relax, get jazzy, read, laptop it, talk, smoke, chill, play board games, drink, snack

A place not to: get rowdy, play beer pong, grind

I was introduced to a hidden spot today that I'll definitely be revisiting again and again. Essentially, it's a pub in an apartment. I believe the premises are owned by the unijazz organization, so it's normally a jazzy spot. There was a female chess competition being held on the evening I visited though, so there was unfortunately no music. Considered as an apartment, it would a 4KK in Czech terms (four rooms & a kitchen). There's a room in the back filled with couches you might not even notice unless you investigate. Photographs were also being exhibited on the walls, two computers were available in one of the rooms for customer use (I assume), and jewelry was being sold in another side room.

If you plan to go, heed the early closing times (see above), which I guess are related to its peculiar location.

Beer & Wine Menu:

Yes– .5L pivo for 23 crowns, just 20 seconds from Wenceslas Square. Coffee, hard alcohol and the usual short range of snacks (chips, pretzels, chocolate bars) are also available.

I didn't take too many snaps, but here are a few (excuse the blurriness):


The address is JindÅ™išská 5, but you'll need more info than that.


– If you're walking down Wenceslas square from Museum station, take the second right onto Jindrisska street.

– Walk about 30 meters until you see this sign on the left hand side:

– Enter the building through the doors. Go deep, and left'ish. Find the Citarna buzzer and buzz it.

– Say "Dobry Den — Can we go upstairs??" and hopefully your access will be granted. (* The bartender I spoke with said they have the buzzer to ward off homeless people and addicts who seek entry into the building. It's not an 'elite members only club' so you shoud be able to get in, assuming you can aurally distinguish yourself from a crackhead.)

– Go up all the stairs to the top.

– Enter, order a cheap beverage, and relax in a gem inconspicuously tucked away from the touristy pandemonium typical of its neighbourhood.

4 thoughts on “Prague: Pub Review: Čítárna Unijazz

  1. Thank you..really informative!!

  2. Hi,
    small correction:

    We are open Mon till Sun, every day from 14 to 22.

    Thanks and see’ya there!

  3. admin

    Thanks for the update. I changed it!

  4. Marion

    Some of my best memories of Prague took place in ÄŒitarna, I used to spend days here a few years ago. You really feel like home! Oh, and you forget to say that you can order nakladany hermelin with big slices of czech bread… yummy :)

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