The fledgling cybrog.threethousand.org was born on February 1st, 2011.

Still confused about its future direction in life, the cybrog presently processes an array of data related to Tokyo, Prague, and life in general. As the cybrog becomes more familiar with its new location in central Europe, its focus may become increasingly Prague-related. Time, readership, and the availability of other like-minded contributors will tell.

In essence, the cybrog is a prototype for a larger web-based expatriate project focusing on Prague. If you are a writer on a similar wavelength who is interested in contributing or collaborating on such a project, contact cybrog@cybrog.threethousand.org.

Inquiries about content syndication are also welcome.



mb Canada
Minoru Kusoda Tokyo, Japan
Bobecek Prague, Czech Republic

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  1. Good to see you got this up and going brotha!
    Bookmarked and on my daily roll through the tubes.

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