New Skate Spot: Jiřího z Poděbrad Boxes

I went out for a solo night skating session two weeks ago. I was planning to just skate flat in front of the Zizkov TV tower because there are lights and no neighbours to really disturb.  On way there I nearly shit myself when I came across this noize:

zizkov skate spot Jiřího z Poděbrad

There are about 10 brand new storage boxes in perfect condition. I was just going out to practice my fakie flip but i had to session them, even though I hadn't skated in 2 months. They slide superlatively (= excellently). There are about 10 boxes, and two of them are right in the middle of the path, making it possible to drop off or  use them as big manny pads. The lighting is good enough, so is the ground. I was there again two nights ago (drinking in the area, not skating) and it still looked like no one has skated them except me. (I was skating a box that's not pictured).

If someone backside nosebluntslid one of these, I'd nut.

As you can see from the middle picture, it's right in the JiÅ™ího z PodÄ›brad square. I think the boxes are used store shit from the day market on Sunday, that lasts until 3pm. I skated for about 2 hours and no cops came, but it was at 11pm. Maybe better to skate here at night. If anyone wants to session them, give me a holler.

They won't be there, waiting, unshredded, forever.

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