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Now, I'm gonna start off by saying I'm a partyin' fool. Always have been. It probably started on the playground when my friends and I would make ourselves pass-out. Or maybe in the 4th grade when I rolled up powdered sugar and offered my friends “wonder joints” at school after seeing Revenge of the Nerds. Either way, being a party hound takes work. There's all kinds of shit that one goes through to get it on. Phrases like “Gotta call the man.”, “Denny's parking lot.”, and “5/0! Get rid of that shit!” come to mind. So when I heard about all of these “Legal High” herbs sold here in Japan, I was more than a little skeptical. The government has shit so tightly regulated here these days that other than beer, the only other way to get off seems to be autoerotic asphyxiation. In fact, my only image of any kind of legal high products was from seeing the cheap ads in the back of High Times magazines years ago.

Now in Japan, there seems to be a legal high, or as some call it, The Spice boom happening around Tokyo. Head shops, some tobacco shops, legal high specialty shops, and even Amsterdam modeled coffee shops are popping up in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, Kichijyouji, and other city centers in Tokyo. Despite my apprehensions, I thought that I'd give it a try. If not for anything else, then for some informative contents to post for all of my fellow Faders out there.

First of all, I gathered information. In other words, I asked a bunch of friends if they'd smoked The Spice. Many had, and among most the common consensus was that, “It's better than nothing.” Although one guy had turn-coated completely to the legal shit out of fear of being arrested doing anything remotely illegal.

Next, I had to go to a shop and buy some. Now this was a bit odd. First of all, I walked in and there was one dude sitting at a table rolling mad “joints”, and another dude standing behind a glass case asking me what kind I wanted. The case was filled with 3g packs of various kinds of fake tweeds with names like Pandora, Blaze, Geisha Girl, and 2012. Shiiiiieeet. 2012 will be about when that crapolla becomes illegal was all I was thinking. Prices ranged from ¥4000-6000 (45-70USD) depending on the kind. Holy fuck! That's more than the real thing back home! The guy was kool though, and recommended that I get the Katana. Additionally, it came with a free joint of the Jamaica, which I really wasn't too hip on carrying around Shibuya with all of the random searching going on these days. I could just imagine the story now: “No officer, this is LEGAL weed!” That was probably the strangest Omake I've received in Japan to date (Other than flip-flops with a magazine).

Now with my wallet ¥5250 ($60) lighter, it was time to go home and try it.

Smoking: I wouldn't dirty your pipe with this shit unless you have been smoking sherm, crack, and yellow meth through it already this week. The consistency is pretty much like crumbled up green, so I rolled up a joint. This shit is legal because it's labeled and sold as incense, but I don't recommend lighting up for a night at home with the lil lady. In fact, it kinda smells like incense burning in a gym locker room.

Katana herbal incense ver 2.01 (Just quoting the label y'all)

Katana is an exotic incense blend.

That releases a rich aroma when burned.

Enjoy the enchanting aroma of KATANA.

Not for human consumption.

Keep out of reach of children&pet.

Version 2.01.  I'm waiting on the upgrade yo.

The High: Well, there was one. That's the first thing I should say. But, it's not the real thing. Maybe it's just because I know there must be chemicals and shit in there, but it tasted and felt all chemically. Also, I didn't feel so relaxed. But strangely enough I got munchies like a motha! Can a man-made “plant” give you the munchies? Maybe it was just some placebo effect or something like that. Or maybe I just like chasing beers with handfuls of chips. Who knows?

Here are some flyers and an outdoor ad of some of the places you can pick it up in Tachikawa or Shibuya.  I'd say don't waste your time and stay all-natural but, as the boys  said, "It's better than nothing".

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