Prague: Pub Review: U Sadu

The (In?)famous U Sadu Pub of Zizkov


This is not a complete review. The purpose of these reviews is to highlight the exceptionally good and bad, ignoring the in between. I've been to U Sadu twice. It is on the beaten track. Overall, it was in okay.

This post was created to investigate the hypothesis, testified by a few subjects, that U Sadu habitually overcharges foreign guests.

Research data:

1) My first visit: Generally a good time, mostly due to the company I was with. Were were downstairs. The bar has a nice atmosphere, a good beer selection, and offers a few unique dishes. I remember that the waiter overcharged us for one beer but we were alert and rectified it with the staff.

2) My second visit: Was snarled at by staff for sitting at the 'staff only' table. The bar was very smoky. I had one drink and then we left. A neutral experience.

3) I mentioned this bar to an American friend who lives nearby it, and he said that he stopped going there because the staff always overcharged him and his friends.

4) During the same conversation about U Sadu, a Czech woman chimed in and said she hates the place because of the staff/owners and would never go there.

4) A mutual friend said he had been going there regularly until one day when a waiter asked him for a deposit of 200 crowns to order food because he (my friend) was a foreigner. The waiter said that foreigners tend to skip out on the bill. My friend was insulted and has never been back.

5) only 1 of 8 reviews were negative (stating it had 'the worst service in the city' and reports a staffmember following her out on the street to yell at her). No other websites had reviews.

Of course, not all guests are angels. In the history of a pub, there are bound to be some dissatisfied customers. And speaking generally, Czech servers are not known for being exceptionally friendly. So I am unsure whether it would be fair to pass the final verdict on U Sadu without some further investigation. However, I am not interested in returning merely to test to see if I am mistreated, so I'm appealing to you for feedback regarding this pub.

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