Prague: Letna Beer Garden

 Beer Garden in Letenske Sady Park, Letna

Location: Letenske Sady (Letna Park), Prague 7 – Letna
Transport: Walk from Metro Station Vlatvska (on the red "C" line)
or take any tram that goes near Letenske Sady
English friendly: Neutral

Adjectives: outdoors, picturesque, elevated, sunny, green, friendly, open

Nouns: picnic tables, beer, sausages, dogs, girls

A place to: drink, be merry, meet people, unwind after work, get drunk, take photos, show a foreigner

A place not to: eat a serious meal, dance, plank

This is the largest beer garden I've visited in Prague. From the elevation of Letenske Sady park, you can appreciate a view of the Vlatava river + the city centre with a beer in one hand and sausage in the other. Europe.

Letenske Sady is a huge park. There are in fact two beer gardens; one large area serving Gambrinus that overlooks the city centre, and a smaller one in a fenced area that serves Krusovice. Let us discuss the first.

Prepare for a photographic journey:

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden sausages

If you look closely at the photos, you'll find that I'm a shitty photographer who seldom holds the camera long enough to ensure the photo doesn't become blurry and/or retarded. Here are some better photos jacked from the www:

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden



0.5L Gambrinus = 33 kr

Kobasa sausage = 50 kr

There are plenty of benches providing plenty of seating. People are generally youngish. Dogs run to and fro. It's a great spot to introduce to a visitor to Prague. While in the park, you could also go to Stalin Square (which is also a world-famous skate spot) to see the Prague Metronome. Recently, however, the Metronome hasn't been running… for some reason. But it still offers a beautiful vantage point of most of Prague. The park has plenty of open space for picnic-ing, playing frisbee, tossing balls, jogging etc.


The Question: Best Beer Garden in Prague?

Zizkov's Riegrovy Sady vs. Letna's Letenske Sady

In my review of Riegrovy Sady, I wrote that my friends (expats) believe Riegrovy Sady is the best beer garden in Prague. They do. But they are vinohrady/zizkov people. Aesthetically, Letenske is superior. Economically, Riegrovy Sady is a few crowns cheaper. But Letna is larger and more spacious.. hmm.

If it had to try to explain the differences, I'd say that Riegrovy Sady is a little more nose-piercing and dreadlocks, while Letna tends to be a little more collared-shirt and woolsocks. Such stereotyping hardly does any good though. If you have the time, visit them both and see which suits your vibe.



3 thoughts on “Prague: Letna Beer Garden

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  2. Im looking for a reservation on the 1. September
    at 18.00 p.m.
    We are 40 musican and we want in the beer garden letna part stay for lunch.
    Thank yor for an answer, kindly regards, gaby fischer

  3. admin

    Gaby: I don’t work for the beer garden. I can’t make a reservation for you.

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