Sedm Konselu Restaurant

 Inexpensive Quality Czech Food in Old Town

Location: Žatecká 10, Praha 1
Transport: 2 min walk from Starometske Square or Starometske Metro Station
English friendly: Neutral

sedm konselu restaurant, prague

Adjectives: inexpensive, satisfactory, clean, convenient, delicious, hearty

Nouns: tables, rooms, chairs, tourists

A place to: eat a serious meal, get full, sit down, use a toothpick, have a beer

A place not to: be wowed, do parkour

So another fucking "friend" decides to finally visit you in Prague. After doing the mandatory Prague Castle + Malastrana + Charles Bridge walk, you are both hungry enough to eat the ass out of a dead skunk. But there are no skunks here and, what's worse, all the restaurants you pass are too expensive for your "i'm-not-really-an-adult-yet" budget. Tormented by hunger and indecision, you settle on slices of dirty slizz (pizza) on the sullied sidewalk instead of showing your friend genuine Czech cuisine.

This was me a year ago. Until I was introduced to the Sedm Konselu restaurant on Žatecká street, near Starometske square. With the Coca-cola marquee, it doesn't look like much. And it's not really, which is maybe why it's good. It's just a place where you can get a solid meal (lunch or dinner) for under 100 crowns.

prague restaurant

prague restaurant

prague restaurant


  • Goulash, Dumplings – 84kc
  • Roast Duck, Cabbage & Dumplings – 98kc
  • Svickova, Dumplings – 84kc

These prices for lunch or dinner rival restaurants you'd find in the countryside. Here are some crappy photos of the menu if you want to get a better idea:

I wanted the roast duck but it was all sold out. That was okay I guess because I heard duck is the hardest meat for humans to digest. Got the farm plate instead for 128kr (more expensive– true). Pictured below.

praha food

pork pork everyday, from london, canada and usa


They are not friendly (Czech style) but they do their jobs. The main waiter speaks English.


Here is the beer menu. 0,5 litre Staropramen  = 33kc. An average price. Good for the city center.

beer prague

Closing Words

Follow your dreams. Even the wet ones.

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