Prague: Beer Garden: Riegrovy Sady

 Beer Garden in Riegrovy Sady Park, Zizkov

Name: Riegrovy Sady
Location: Riegrovy Sady, Prague 2 (on top of the hill in center of park), Metro: JiÅ™ího z PodÄ›brad (line A), Muzeum (line A, B)
English friendly: Yes
Hours: noon – 2am (also depending on weather, likely)

Adjectives: outdoors, sunny, loud, festive, inexpensive, friendly, open

Nouns: picnic tables, beer, sausages, dogs, cute girls, big screen tv, ass cracks

A place to: make friends, watch televised sports, play foosball, unwind after work, get drunk

A place not to: eat a serious meal, dance, hear music, wear a wedding dress

This beer garden is well-known and frequently frequented by expats and czechs alike. It's on top of the hill in the large Riegrovy Sady park, which is a great place to throw the frisbee, tan or picnic on a sunny day. The park is located in Zizkov, the most popular district for partying/hanging out outside of the touristy deathtrap known as the city center.

Two of my friends who have lived in Prague for 7+ years claim that Riegrovy Sady is the best beer garden in Prague. I'll take their word. I've been there about 5 times now, and no doubt I'll be going much more as the weather improves.

Riegrovy Sady beer garden

Riegrovy Sady beer garden

Today was 4/20. Weed is a common scent here in Prague, but tonight dudes even had bongs out on the table. If the weather is nice, it seems like it'll be pretty full. The crowd consists of youngish types (18-35) and canines. The place has a huge tv broadcasting sporting events and a few foosball tables for your inner-jock.

you probably can't read this.

But if you could, you'd see that the beer selection is Gambinus (0.5L = 29kr, 0.3L = 19kr), Heineken (0.5L =40kr), Plzen (0.5L = 40kr), Kozen tmavy (0.5 = 30kr), Radegast-birell (0.5 = 30kr), Corona (0.33L = 65kr), and Desperados (0.33 =65kr).

Re: food, When you enter you'll get hit by the smell of sizzling sausages/kobasa, which is probably the closest thing to real food they have. They've got chips and other junk food too.

I'll be updating this post with more info as the spring/summer progresses. But the bottom line is that if you're in Prague and the weather is nice, this park and the beer garden at its summit are great places to be.


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