Prague: Freecycling Party/Feb 26/2011

I am likely going to this. Info below.


Time : Saturday, February 26 at 7:00pm – February 27 at 3:00am

Location :   Klub K4, Celetná 562/20, Prague, Czech Republic

19:00 – 23:00â—„ â—„ ReReRe Swap Shop – Bring Clothes & Books to Swap! ReReRe akce dej a směň – pÅ™ines s sebou nepotÅ™ebné vÄ›ci a knihy a vyměň je s ostatními!

━ ━

20:00 â—„ â—„ BUNNY and the BULL – English/Cz Eng sub
━ ━

21:30 â—„ â—„ Dubstep A/V performance —- ElectroLabâš¡KinocirKus
━ ━━ ━

23:00 â—„ â—„ Dj Stevie Weenie will play some good shit
━ ━
━ ━

• Paddy V.I.A. –
Visually Impaired Artists Collective Area.
• AKUZATIF * dyuzgul –

⇲ – mapping VVVV installation:
• Vj Luper –
• Vj m0rf –

start:19:00 \\\\ FREE \\\\ vstup zdarma


3 thoughts on “Prague: Freecycling Party/Feb 26/2011

  1. Book marked, I really like your site! :)

    • admin

      thanks. i checked your blog — posts in German, titles in English, and menus in Japanese. ?! hehe. nice photos .

  2. And the other day they were asking you to go seeowhmre off the beaten track. What can be more off the beaten track than Hlavni Nadrazi (sorry, can’t be bother to swtich to czech keyboard). Anyway, it would be really nice to see that beautiful building renovated. In order to preserve it, though, traffic would have to go underground, otherwise it would be for nothing since much of the damage is due to the motorway there. I’ve had the “privilege” of having to take trains there at several different times of the day and night, and believe me, compared to where I come from, Hlavni Nadrazi is as safe as a village in the middle of the night.And about the taxis. You have to be really silly to take a taxi there being that there is a metro station in the building.

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