Prague: Feb 11/12th: Kutna Hora, Prague Tour


Friend in town this week so I did more sightseeing than normal.

I like this ad because the woman has real breasts. The world needs more of this.


Castle Sternberg, south of Prague. It was nice but basically… a castle.


Finally visited the Kutna Hora, the ossuary. Eerie is the word to describe it. Skulls and bones belonging of nameless souls crafted into bone chandeliers, quinzees, crests, etc. One of my students said she visited here and it was full of headbanger/metal dudes who were like "FUCKIN' SKULLZZZ YEAHHH" (while doing the metal hand gesture). (Un)fortunately I didn't see such men.

It's odd how we humans can go to a place like this and make light of it/make jokes about the bones, etc. (I'm not saying it's wrong.) BUT it's contradictory to later go to a grave/sacred site and pray/weep for the dead as if they are still there somewhere beneath the soil listening.


One litre mug of Pilsner Urquell. One of our party noted that the grey-haired man at the table next to us (not photographed) was both a douche and an ex–prime minister of the CR.


Saturday – Prague Tour

One of my Czech acquaintances, a certified tourguide, offered to give me and my friends a free tour of prague. So I invited a bunch of random people from the information super highway and a crew of 3 czechs, 1 hungarian, 2 canadians, 1 polak, and 1 turk assembled.

This is a close-up of a sculpture by Czech artist David Cerny in Mala Strana. It's a scene of two stone men pissing on a map of the Czech Republic.  I only took this cockshot.

A wall of locks only a few steps away on a small bridge. Couples have only begun recently locking locks to the fence  with their names on it) as a symbol of their love to each other.  Love.

The John Lennon Wall, also in Mala Strana. Supposedly Czechs began to graffiti/decorate this wall with messages of love after the death of Lennon. The communist government let the wall stand, erasing only political messages.


Those are only a few miscellaneous tidbits from today. Thanks to everyone who came out on the tour. It was a good time.

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