Prague: Bar Review: Bed Lounge Bar

… zzz

Bar: Bed Lounge


Near Old Town Square

I had walked by this bar twice before, since it's off Staromestska Square. The first time it was full of rich-looking types in burlesque attire, and the second time women in their mid-thirties wearing bright wigs.

A Czech guy/friend of a friend/kinda mildly racist perv who later bragged about banging 17 year old chicks (he was 26) and told me this 'dating tip' of dropping shots of vodka in your date's drink when she's not looking because it's odorless and it'll make her really wasted/easy to bang, was our guide last Saturday. He told us about this 'great spot' filled with white beds. I figured it was this lounge and wanted to bail but it was our mutual friend's 'big night out' so I couldn't really object. We go there at around 10:30pm, and head downstairs. It's basically empty minus us four dudes on a long immaculate bed.

Other Czech group member who wanted to go to a traditional czech pub: "It's like we are a bunch of fagg*ts!"

I don't use the F word (hence the censorship), but an astute observation, nonetheless. Our leader tells us a beer cost 90 crowns, but mojitos are 'thankfully only 100 crowns'. Right. He tries to order and the waiter says mojitos are actually 170 crowns. Divine. Upon hearing that, we tell the waiter we need more time. We then begin to vacate while the waiter had his head turned. After getting up, I noticed I had soiled the pristine white bedding. Not with human shyte, of course. But I have a hole in the sole of my skate shoes. I guess dirty street water had leaked in and played with my sock. Then a brown ooze had excreted from my sock onto the bed when I laid on it.

All and all, a good five minutes spent. *Recommend*

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