Prague: Meetfactory June 30: Residents show + Cut Copy

Residents Art Show – 06.30 – 08.07.2011 (Opening night = Thursday, June 30th)

Meetfactory resident artists, including Montrealer Scott Harber, a personal associate of mine, will be holding an exhibition this Thursday.

painting by Canadian artist Scott Harber

artwork: scott harber

Artists: Nora Adwan, Joshua Ammons, Scott Harber, Yumiko Ono, Philip Topolovac, Alisha Wessler, Adam Holý, Veronika Landa
Curators: Pavel Vančát a Dušan Zahoranský
Opening June 30th 2011 at 6 p.m.

"The works of the current MeetFactory residents will be interlaced by the creations of kindred domestic authors. The works on the borderline of architecture, sculpture and installation are rooted in fantastic, often surreal motifs."

Free entry


July 30th: Cut Copy (Electro-pop, Australia)

Australia's Cut Copy are also performing afterwards from 9pm. Non-free (Presale 450 CZK + fees (Ticketportal, Ticketpro, Ticketstream) / 550 CZK on doors) though. Check the vibe:


4 thoughts on “Prague: Meetfactory June 30: Residents show + Cut Copy

  1. we’re installing the show right now and it’s looking great. thanks for the plug. see you there!

  2. hey there, came to your blog from good to know there are other prague bloggers. just heard about this exhibition now. bummer since I like that picture above. oh well. have a look at my blog or my facebook if you’re into art and stuff :)


  3. admin

    will do. one day, down the line, it would be a great to do a blog with multiple authors.. i think that’s what it would take to generate considerable traffic/following/exposure. good luck with your blog.

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