Prague: Bar: The Big Lebowski

Big Lebowski of Zizkov, Praha

The Big Lebowski Bar of Zizkov, Prague

Name: Big Lebowski
Location: Slavíkova 16, Prague 3 – Žižkov
English friendly: Yes

Mon-Friday, 8-12pm

(sometimes on Saturday– check website)


Adjectives: cosy, tobacco-free, lively, international, rec-room-esque, kitsch, friendly

Nouns: bowling pins, movie paraphernalia, hookah, expats, charlie chaplin, board games, music, jollification

A place to: drink, make friends, play board games, eat snacks, debate nihilism, get drunk

A place not to: eat a serious meal, dance, grind, smoke, bring a large group, cripwalk

The Big Lebowski bar in Zizkov is not exactly off the beaten track. A drunken stumble through Zizkov will probably lead you across its sidewalk threshold, just two blocks from JiÅ™í z PodÄ›brad metro station. Although exposed and frequented by an international crowd, it's relaxed and has a good vibe. I've been there three/four times. There's usually only one server, so the service can be slow at times. However, people (server + customers) are always friendly and the mood lively. And other than the hookah, the place is non-smoking, which is a rarity in Prague.

No Prices

There are no prices on the menu because there are no prices. The customer decides how much to pay. You'll probably begin the night by thinking "well, fuck it then, I'm not going to pay anything" but then your opinion will slowly change throughout as you notice that you're having a good time, the mood is friendly, and in a nutshell, it's not a place you want to rip off. It's part of what's good in the world. The chances are that you'll probably end up over paying if anything.


The beer is Rohozec, which is refreshing and goes down easy. White Russians are offered as a specialty. Here are some blurry photos that are legible if you click on them:

Big Lebowski barely-legible menu, Praha

Big Lebowski barely-legible menu, Praha


Enter. You can either sit at the bar counter with the dude (the owner's name is fittingly Ondej Lebowski) or head upstairs where the real seating is. Sixteen places on the left, 22 on the right. Some of the spots on the left are floor/cushion-seating. The roof is low, giving it an attic-like feeling. There is a TV in the room on the right which I have never seen on, thankfully.

Interior of Big Lebowski, prague

Interior of Big Lebowski, prague

non-shitty photos courtesy of


  • The place is small. Don't go with a huge group or if you do, make a same-day reservation.
  • Have a plan B in mind in case its full.
  • Remember that it may be closed on Saturday, and is closed on Sunday. Check the website for updated information about its weekend hours.



3 thoughts on “Prague: Bar: The Big Lebowski

  1. It sounds good – no payment. Is it really real? Well you know, can you drink 2 beers and than you said bye and walk home? :D

    • Lena

      No payment? hahaha. He want’s you to pay him after he’l bring you each drink and if you don’t pay much he’ll tell you nex time you order something he’ll bring you little of it because you don’t pay enough.

      • mb

        You may have a point. 2 years ago when I went there, we ordered beers and some food and then paid the whole bill at the end. Last week when I went there, they made us pay after each order. This of course is to their benefit.

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