Comments: Sex in Japan article

I wanted to write an article that explored why Japan seems incredibly sexually liberal (and perverse) yet consistently ranks among the least sexually-active countries. But I don’t have to – a gaijin already wrote a good/well researched article on it : (in Eng. & Spanish)


"I love the sex."

The most entertaining part of this informative post though is the Comments section. I'm guessing many horndogs who searched "Sex in Japan"  ended up at this article. The comments go from “Nice article!” and then slowly degenerate into a list of Bangladeshi guys pleading for JP vaj, wives, and spamming their telephone numbers and addresses.


balaji (25 October, 2009): i love you sex

Yeahhia (24 July, 2010) : i love girl…. sexy girl. contact me…01736884959… in Bangladesh

v.rajagopal (16 August, 2008): I want sex with japanese girl with naked. I like lips kidding and she want fuck with my cunt and want to drink my water

f4seal (12 August, 2007): I love sex japanese girl, and like to watch sex movie too. I dream fuck japanese girl in back.I think japanese girls are so cute and open, fucking mouth.

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