Prague: Tono Stano Exhibition

tono stano vacla spaly gallery

Artist: Tono Stano
Gallery: Vaclava Spaly, Narodni 30, Prague 1
Website: (No English)
Duration: May 6th to June 26th, 2011

—— –

Checked out this exhibition on Friday. Showed my expired student card for 20kr entrance (normally 40). There's no information in English, but a film in the basement projects some of the process behind Stano's photography in this exhibition.

Much of the roughly 60 or so prints make use of models, usually women, naked. The photographs are from around '92 to present, and they highlight, reflect, and confuse the interplay between black and white. The photos appear as if black and white have been inverted, leaving you looking at odd depictions of white-nippled humans with luminous nostrils. It's more than that, though. The models have been painted in many cases, and Stano utilizes a few tricks to produce affects the viewer can't really understand. I was puzzled trying to figure out which photographs represented the human being as is and which had undergone some kind of manipulation, either before or after the photos were shot.

I recommend it.

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