Prague: Code:Mode 28-30.7.2011

Event: code:mode
Dates: July 28th to July 30th, 2011

THU: 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,
Fri-Sat: 10:00-21:00 + PARTY + PARTY

Location: Horejsi Nabrezi 1087/7, Praha 5 – Vedle Botelu Admiral

(Near Andel station, but walkable from downtown.)

-> map

Website: (CZ)

Code:mode is coming, again. It's a good time, mainly for shopping but it also kind of turns into a party at night. It's well known in Prague, but since its website is in Czech, here are some details in English:

It's a free fashion weekend held tri-anually in Prague for independent designers. Go there to shop, chill, drink, and party. Judging by the flyer, which I can't really read, in addition to the clothing/accessory booths, there's going to be some parkour, flatland, football and frisbee performances.. puppets.. some kind of 'Bikers Area', and a bunch of aerobics stuff ranging from tai-chi to afro dances.

It'll be something like this:


2 thoughts on “Prague: Code:Mode 28-30.7.2011

  1. admin

    note: this event is OUTSIDE

    + rain = doprdele

  2. i spent a little over a year worknig in Hungary and i took a 3 day trip to Prague, one of the best places i have been in my opinion. the castle is awesome. did you walk all the way up to the top of the cathedral there? the view is fantastic. i especially liked being able to look down at the architecture of the spires and buttresses.the Charles Bridge is also an incredible place to see. i love the building there with the steep pitched roofs.i was in Slovakia for an evening too. we were lucky enough to get to the village where we went on a day they had a local fair. i have never eaten so much sausage and bread in one sitting as there. and the local draft beer was also fantastic. all the while we listed to a local band playing traditional music.i love eastern Europe. being an American the age of everything there is what always overwhelmed me. my country is so young in comparison.glad you are having the time of your life. enjoy it all.

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