Performing Arts Festival Prague Oct 14-22

Event: 16th International Festival of Performing Arts, Prague
Duration: October 16th – 23rd, 2011
Website: (English)

Prague mezinarodni festival

Re: Theme: Where is Happiness? Last night there was plenty at the party in the Festival Bar in the former ÚLUV (ÚLUV – Národní 36, Prague 1). I arrived too late to see the installments on the floors above but it was definitely a good time (see: drinking, dancing). Apparently Friday night was even more boisterous. The space itself is cool, accessible via a stashed-away entrance near the backside of the Narodni Trida metro station. The bar will be open all this week, apparently, until the closing party on Saturday.

To do list (this week):

– Checking out the actual exhibitions and performances — I should.

– Going to the party next weekend — I will.

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