Czech Republic: Litomysl

Litomyšl (pronounced "Little Michelle") is some place in the Czech Republic.

litomysl map SON

It's scenic and attractive to tourists. I earnestly enjoyed it. It has much 'sgraffiti' artwork done on walls and the main castle area. Engraving is involved in this artwork. This castle exterior sgraffiti was mainly done by a visiting Italian artist guy who later ended up getting married to a Crech (Czech woman) and staying forever (happens to everyone).

I took a tour of the castle. There's a room with wooden ponies. The lady overcharged my girlfriend and I, and when we pointed it out, she said "too late, you've already paid." They claim to have English headsets for the castle tour, but then she admitted it's a lie. But they have some sheets in English.

The town is home to Bedřich Smetana, who was something like Tupac but in the 1800s. There's some kinda Smetana building or museum but I didn't check it out.


grafito litomsql

grafito litomsyl

grafito castle

On the castle, there are hundreds of panels done in the 'sgraffiti' style. Each is unique.

After our tourism, we went to some patio and drank. There was some affluent businessman there with his family. He was celebrating a birthday. He had some Slovak assistant with him for entertainment who was playing something like a didgeridoo. It looked African and not slavic in any way. But he said it was slovak. He was dressed in all white linen and he moved gently like the breeze.



2 thoughts on “Czech Republic: Litomysl

  1. Do you like sgrafiti? You have right, that each is uniqe but when they renovate sgrafiti it was very difficult to make it as original. So you can find sgrafiti with screw-driver or sth like this. Try to find it ;)

  2. admin

    were all the ones on the castle renovated or just some of them? i remember that they weren’t too intricate. but it’s understandable, since the artist had to do so many.

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