6 Best Things about Having Your Own (female-free) Apartment

By Minoru Kusoda, PhD.


6) playing classical music until the wee hours
5) snacking on salted rice-cakes anytime
4) doing lower-back strengthening exercises in living room
3) stocking bathroom with Christian Science Monitor magazine
2) having the proper environment for deep meditation
1) washing dick in sink

red rose

3 thoughts on “6 Best Things about Having Your Own (female-free) Apartment

  1. admin

    ———Alternative list

    10 Best things about having your own (female-free) apartment:

    – only bottle of shampoo and bar of soap in shower
    – no long hairs clogging drain
    – death to all plants
    – eating out of the same thing you cook in
    – taking a shit with bathroom door open
    – washing white/color/black clothes all together
    – daily fart contest where everyone’s a winner
    – pron
    – filth
    – washing dink in sink


  2. S

    O_o It might be time to come back

    • sunshine

      thats exactly what I said! taking a shit with the bathroom door open lol yesss

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