Survival Japanese – Lesson 1

15 Jan


English Translation:

“nice guy” handsome man
“bitch” whore
“reggae dansaa” full blown whore
“American joke” any joke that totally bombs
“bukkake” a way to serve udon or soba noodles (not with sperm)
“business trip” visit to south east Asian whoring grounds
“yada” phrase used by women to present themselves intellectually as 3 years old
“kawaiiiiiiiii!!” see yada
“skinhead” anyone with no hair. If your dad is bald, he is a skinhead
“ageman” a vagina that brings great fortune after drilling it
“sageman” opposite of ageman
“puraibeto resson” front for prostitution exploited by English teachers and Japanese women nearing the age of thirty
“gyaru” hottest girls on the planet
“crabbing” clubbing. also how you get crabs
“natto” rat diarrhea occasionally eaten with mustard
“henjin” Japanese government official
“hhhrrrrrrrghhhgh” every word said by Japanese men older than 70
“sho ga nai” comforting words used by a person who was too lazy to make an effort
“X” the batsu. after seeing the holy cross used to kill the devil in horror films, Japan invented this body language to flash at gaijins in the hope of killing them too


Lesson 2 available here.

Your correspondent on the scene,

Minoru Kusoda

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