Prague: Stones in Food

21 Aug

I've been living in Prague for basically two years. Generally speaking, the quality of food available in grocery stores is low.

In the past two years, on two separate occasions, I have found stones (or more properly – pebbles) in items I've purchased.

The first incident was with a package of raisins. There were raisins in the package. It also contained seeds, stems, twigs, and then on one day, I bit down into a hard pebble (the same size as the one pictured below).

Now I no longer buy this brand of anything:

raisins with stones in them

fuck these raisins

Last week, upon my return to Prague from North America, I was eating some pre-cooked lentils that my girlfriend had prepared from a package. My jaws had a brutal encounter with this specimen:
stone in LENTILS


Main message: Fuck this noise.

I think I'll just drink beer and eat bananas.

M. Kusoda


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