Prague: Letna Beer Garden

19 Aug

 Beer Garden in Letenske Sady Park, Letna

Location: Letenske Sady (Letna Park), Prague 7 – Letna
Transport: Walk from Metro Station Vlatvska (on the red "C" line)
or take any tram that goes near Letenske Sady
English friendly: Neutral

Adjectives: outdoors, picturesque, elevated, sunny, green, friendly, open

Nouns: picnic tables, beer, sausages, dogs, girls

A place to: drink, be merry, meet people, unwind after work, get drunk, take photos, show a foreigner

A place not to: eat a serious meal, dance, plank

This is the largest beer garden I've visited in Prague. From the elevation of Letenske Sady park, you can appreciate a view of the Vlatava river + the city centre with a beer in one hand and sausage in the other. Europe.

Letenske Sady is a huge park. There are in fact two beer gardens; one large area serving Gambrinus that overlooks the city centre, and a smaller one in a fenced area that serves Krusovice. Let us discuss the first.

Prepare for a photographic journey:

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden sausages

If you look closely at the photos, you'll find that I'm a shitty photographer who seldom holds the camera long enough to ensure the photo doesn't become blurry and/or retarded. Here are some better photos jacked from the www:

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden

Letenske Sady beer garden



0.5L Gambrinus = 33 kr

Kobasa sausage = 50 kr

There are plenty of benches providing plenty of seating. People are generally youngish. Dogs run to and fro. It's a great spot to introduce to a visitor to Prague. While in the park, you could also go to Stalin Square (which is also a world-famous skate spot) to see the Prague Metronome. Recently, however, the Metronome hasn't been running… for some reason. But it still offers a beautiful vantage point of most of Prague. The park has plenty of open space for picnic-ing, playing frisbee, tossing balls, jogging etc.


The Question: Best Beer Garden in Prague?

Zizkov's Riegrovy Sady vs. Letna's Letenske Sady

In my review of Riegrovy Sady, I wrote that my friends (expats) believe Riegrovy Sady is the best beer garden in Prague. They do. But they are vinohrady/zizkov people. Aesthetically, Letenske is superior. Economically, Riegrovy Sady is a few crowns cheaper. But Letna is larger and more spacious.. hmm.

If it had to try to explain the differences, I'd say that Riegrovy Sady is a little more nose-piercing and dreadlocks, while Letna tends to be a little more collared-shirt and woolsocks. Such stereotyping hardly does any good though. If you have the time, visit them both and see which suits your vibe.



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