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7 Jan

 U Sta Ran Boudoir Cafe & Bar, Vinohrady, Praha

Name: Boudoir U Sta Ran
Location: Francouzská 50, Vinohrady, Prague
English friendly: Yes
Hours: 4 pm til late (midnight officially but open later)

Adjectives: dark, full, enchanting, romantic, cosy, bohemian, wooden

Nouns: candles, unorthodox hairstyles, chiaroscuro, olives, artwork, magazines, board games, cheeses, a dog

A place to: take a date, get drunk, eat food, brood, reflect

A place not to: bring a huge group, expect a seat, dance, park a bicycle

Note: all shitty/blurry/dark photos courtesy of me

My Love-hate Relationship with Boudoir

I used to pass this cafe/bar frequently on my way up Francouzska to Vinohrady. Beckoned by the cosy candlelit inside, my girlfriend and I would enter only to be turned away, unable to find a seat. The boudoir has a main room (seats about 18) with a mezzanine area (7), a backroom (18) and a garden with patio in the back for summer. However, its popularity means you'll often be unable to sit and there isn't much standing room.

My personal record: I've attempted to stop in there about 12 times, and found a seat maybe five times. I was able to sit both times I went there last week (at around 11:30pm), hence the positive shift in my attitude towards the place and the decision to finally write this review.


The joint doesn't have an official phone number, or website (just a facebook page). You can only make reservations by e-mailing kavarna.francouzska (at) centrum (dot) cz or in person.

Food & Drink

U Sta Ran Boudoir sign, Praha



Svijany 11 .5L

= 35kr

Svijany 13 dark .5l

= 38kr

boudoir beer menu


Local Moravian wines

white .2L = 36kr

rose .2L = 38kr

boudoir wines


They have a great 'toast' dish (pictured below) which is actually grilled cheese sandwich served with vegetables and a chili dip.  59/89kr for one/two sandwiches.

boudoir grilled cheese

Food is served late. I've eaten there at 12:30am (on a weekend). Menus contain English translations.

boudoir menu boudoir FOOD menu


You really need a back up plan for these small'ish pubs. If the Boudoir is full, I recommend strolling down the hill (3 minutes) to Cafe v Lese or Cafe Sladkovsky.

Here are some great photos of the Boudoir taken from their FB page courtesy of Vítězslav Oscar Vojtěchovský:

Vítězslav Oscar Vojtěchovský photo

Vítězslav Oscar Vojtěchovský photo

Vítězslav Oscar Vojtěchovský photo

Vítězslav Oscar Vojtěchovský photo


Bottom line: if you can secure a seat, it's a great place.

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