Questions to Absolutely Kill Any Job Interview

30 Jun

Chip Wallace of SUIT UP! Magazine visits us this week to share his insights about job interviews. Here we go folks.

8 Questions to Absolutely Kill Any Job Interview

1. Why do women want equal rights like they want to be your boss or some shit and then at the same time they expect you to fuckin pay for dinner like theyre all underprivileged? like where the hell are the female miners???

2. Can I sit down? I'm tired b/c some pregnant bitch made me stand on the bus

3. Can you tell me how that question is relevant to the position?

4. Can I donate sperm? at work? (I mean like, in your hair??)

5. How does this position (make circle with index finger and thumb of left hand and then fuck it with the erect index finger on right hand) fit into the company's short-term plans?

6. A: Did you interview that fat broad in the lobby?

B: She's not fat, sir. She's pregnant.


8. Buy my e-book

how to grow and profit at the same time. GREAT

killer interview techniques to murder it

Asian man succeeds

freaky deaky eyes doubled

Chip Wallace, M.B.A

fucking prick from business school with MBA in assholism

As seen in Business Week


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Praha: Kristof Kintera Exhibition

4 Mar

Analysis Results - Kristof Kintera

Analysis Results
Kristof Kintera (personal website)
Galerie Hlavniho Mesta Prahy , Marianske Namesti 1, Praha 1
February 29th to May 14th, 2012
120kr for adult, 100 with student discount or Opencard

This exhibition was recommended by a friend who described Kristof Kintera as one of Prague's best contemporary artists. Now that I have visited Analysis Results, I can believe that claim. Noisy, industrial, playful, urban are some adjectives that might describe it. Things move, objects talk. There's an large selection of modern sculpture, drawings, framed work, and automated performance art.

Kristof Kintera Exhibition Prague

Enter from Valentinska street on Sundays.

The exhibition contains years of work. There are 16-18 rooms of varying sizes. I took a few photos of some stationary installations.

One of the funnest and most stimulating exhibitions I've seen.



Krakow: CYBER TOUR (Video)

3 Mar

CYBERTOUR OF KRAKOW (Customs, Culture, etc)

Recent video I made while touring in Krakow, Poland.

It's my first vid. Let me know if I missed anything.

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