Nearly-Free University Education at K.U. Leuven

6 Aug

While universities across Europe are adopting or increasing tuition fees, the Katholieke Universitet Leuven (aka the Catholic University Leuven) in Belgium remains a relatively inexpensive and high-quality choice for non-EU citizens wishing to study abroad in English in Europe.

I completed a Master of Philosophy (MA) there in 2009-2010. It was only a one-year program, but that was good, since I only had about a year of brainpower in me.

1 year tuition = 580 Euros (=700 CAD (= nothing! (relatively speaking)))

Having googled around a bit, previously free universities such as Uppsala and the University of Copenhagen now charge fees that rival North American prices. There still may be some scott-free schools in Europe, however, but you'll have to google around yourself and search.

I can vouch that the Katholieke Universitet Leuven has 3-year BA programs in several fields, plus 1 & 2 year Master programs, in English.

List of programs:

A semi-confusing list of fees can be found here:

Basically, what it means is that most programs charge roughly 560 Euros for a year of study. Some specific programs (scroll down on list) charge more. K.U. Leuven is a popular school. It's the oldest Catholic university in Europe and the most renown in Belgium. (You need not be Catholic to study there. My studies were religion-free.) It's located in the town of Leuven, which is the home of Stella Artois. Around 36,000 students study there per year (figures here) and the school has a vibrant international student population. I wish I had done my BA there as well (and not just my MA), since it would have saved me some serious cash.

Speaking in terms of finances, education, and pleasure, it's a good place for a few years of life.


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